Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Training is Under Construction, but for now....

The BEST thing I can tell you right now is that we are happy you've decided to take the step to join the It Works family and our team.  We are excited for you.

Before you do anything else, it would be a great idea for you to go straight to your new "office" which is called "eSuite" (or you might like to call it your back office or work station).

In your eSuite, you should click on Documents.  In the dialogue box, type in the word: Training.
You should download and print off the Training Academy Document.

Then, click the It Works icon in the top left hand corner, to take you back to the home page.  There is a first step tutorial at the bottom right and is a good place to go find out how to edit your replicated website where you will send your customers.  

Now, you're ready to watch your training videos.  The whole training will take approximately 1 1/2 hours but  is made up of shorter segments.  So if time is an issue, do what you can but complete it as soon as possible.  Your document you printed will be your tool to use as you follow along.

After you've completed this step, let your sponsor know.

You'll want to get your Grand Opening, or "Launch" scheduled within your first 7-10 days if possible so you can get open for business.  Everyone wants what you have to offer and so you need to let them know as soon as possible that they can get it from you, or they'll find someone else!

Have fun!  Get your training!  Plug into your upline!  Be a student!  Be teachable!  Learn!  Teach!  Teach to teach!  Don't compare yourself to others!  Don't sell yourself short!  DREAM BIG!  Set goals!  Right them down!  Tell someone!  And BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT....and you WILL!!!!

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