Wednesday, July 4, 2012


First Things FIRST:
Log into your eSuite (workstation or "back office")
  1. Click TRAINING!  Watch the videos, they're short.  Click the bottom link and and watch the short "how to" videos.  You'll learn how to put your picture on your website, edit your "My Story", enroll distributors and loyal customers, etc.
  2. Go to the team resource page:   User: Dream  Password: Achieved  Click on everything.  Watch the videos, etc.
  3. TEXT YOUR ENROLLER AND TELL THAT PERSON YOU JUST COMPLETED THE PREVIOUS 3 STEPS.  You'll get your next assignment from your enroller.
  4. Download the New Distributor packet (will be posted as a document on the Skinny Diamonds & Beyond Facebook page) and start working on your "Steps to Success."  If you need it emailed to you, just ask.
  5. Make sure you try the Body Wraps & other products as soon as possible.  Tell everyone your story or tell someone else's story until you have one.  Just don't post "inch loss" on social networks as the FDA will not be happy.  Afterall, "cosmetics" don't heal or cause inch loss!  RIGHT!!!!!!!   Be creative.  Say it....Just don't write it.  The wraps are designed to tighten, tone and firm up your skin in 45 minutes!
If you do the above your first 30 days, you'll receive many $$$bonuses, commissions, etc.  Click, download, watch, read, learn and PLUG IN to trainings & events.  Private message, text, call, talk to people face to face and do random facebook posts.  You'll be surprised how easy this is without trying to sell anything.  Just tell people.  The product sells itself.

Your fellow Diamonds in the Making leaders...
Greg & Suzanne Grimaud
Here is our personal site.  Read "My Story" and then go write your own.

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